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(→‎Categories: + Категориялар)
Below is a simplified list of (some) categories we should have at the "top" of our category structure (of course, not with English names). Can someone provide the proper Bashkir names for these categories (replace the "???"s). If any of these [[Special:PrefixIndex/Категория:|already exist]], just use those names. (I'm placing the list below my signature, so anyone should feel free to change the list itself.) - [[Ҡатнашыусы:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[Ҡатнашыусы менән һөйләшеү:Dcljr|әңгәмә]]) 13:15, 11 октябрь 2017 (YEKT)
* [[:Category:Categories]] (the "root" category, having no parent category) = [[:Категория:???Категориялар]] (right?)
** [[:Category:Book categories]] (or just [[:Category:Books]]) = [[:Категория:???]]
** [[:Category:Help pages]] (or just [[:Category:Help]]) = [[:Категория:??]]