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Using with Ҡалып:Tl:
  • {{Tl|Center|1+1=2}} → {{Center}}   [not what anyone would want]
  • {{Tl|Center|1+1{{=}}2}} → {{1+1=2}}   [this might be what you want, but probably not]
  • {{Tl|Center|param=1+1{{=}}2}} → {{Center|1+1=2}}   [this is more likely to be what you want]
Using with Ҡалып:Subjects (note that there is no article with this title at Википедия, but if there was…):
  • {{Subjects|E=mc²}}
  • {{Subjects|E{{=}}mc²}}
Once this wiki has more templates, perhaps some better examples can be used!
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See Ҡалып буйынса фекерләшеү:= for examples (not shown here, since a link to this page on this page would not give a working link, anyway).