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Linking to this template[үҙгәртергә]

Of course, you can always use a plain wikilink using the full page name:

To get a link that looks like a template call, a popular practice when discussing templates, you can do one of the following:

  • {{[[Template:=|=]]}} → {{=}}
  • {{[[Ҡалып:=|=]]}} → {{=}}
  • [[Template:=|<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>]]{{=}}
  • [[Ҡалып:=|<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>]]{{=}}

The second two options (using <nowiki>) create a wider link, which may be easier for some users to click on.

You can save typing by using Template:Tl (lowercase tl can also be used in place of the capitalized Tl):

  • {{Tl|{{=}}}} → {{=}}
  • {{Tl|1==}} → {{=}}

However note that the simplest way of trying this does not work:

  • {{Tl|=}} → {{[[Template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]}}

But the following ways do work — although, of course, they require more typing than the two {{Tl}}-based options above:

  • {{Tl|&#61;}} → {{=}}
  • {{Tl|1={{=}}}} → {{=}}
  • {{Tl|1=<!-- -->=}} → {{=}}

These other <nowiki>-based ways also do not work:

  • {{Tl|<nowiki>=</nowiki>}} → {{[[Template:=|=]]}}
  • {{Tl|1=<nowiki>=</nowiki>}} → {{[[Template:=|=]]}}
  • {{Tl|1=<nowiki />=}} → {{[[Template:=|=]]}}
  • {{Tl|1=<nowiki></nowiki>=}} → {{[[Template:=|=]]}}

For completeness, here are some other ways to get the wider version:

  • [[Template:=|<nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>]]{{=}}
  • [//ba.wikibooks.org/wiki/Template:%3D <nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>]{{=}}
  • <span class="plainlinks">[//ba.wikibooks.org/wiki/Template:%3D <nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki>]</span>{{=}}

I think that covers it. [grin] - dcljr (әңгәмә) 13:24, 28 август 2017 (YEKT)

Thank you, dcljr . We will use it.--ZUFAr (әңгәмә) 14:04, 28 август 2017 (YEKT)

Thanks for the thanks. [wink] By the way, to anyone reading this who may be confused by all the stuff above: this template is not inherently related to Ҡалып:Tl, I just wanted to warn users that some "obvious" ways of using {{Tl}} to link to this template don't actually work the way you might think. (It also helps to get this all written down in one place, in case the operation of Ҡалып:Tl ever changes and breaks something listed above. I know of another MediaWiki-based wiki where almost all of the working examples shown above do not work on that wiki!) By the way, I've just added another usage example to the documentation of this template that's based on a completely different template. And w:en:Template:= also has a simple example. - dcljr (әңгәмә) 14:49, 28 август 2017 (YEKT)